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Incense basics

Incense is a generic collective term for herbs and fragrances that are processed for combustion. This special product is found in various religious and sacred ceremonies. It has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes, such as aromatherapy.

Most incense consists of three basic elements: aromatic materials, a binder (usually gum or resin) and a little charcoal to burn it evenly.

Incense exists in different kinds and thousands of scents. Each type has its own symbolic meaning and effect. These properties can then be used for special purposes. Maybe you are looking for a certain atmosphere or a fitting scent for your intention. So always ask yourself what you need the incense for. That way you will benefit most from your choice.

In this blog you’ll find more information about choosing the incense that suits you!

User Modes
Incense can be used for many different purposes. The most popular of these are:

In meditation to stimulate brightness and tranquility
In rituals to regulate energy or get into a trance
Exciting lucid dreams
Cleaning spaces and atmospheres
Attracting and repelling energies and entities
Stimulating creativity and insight

Incense Types
There are different types of incense. Every shape has its own way of burning.

The most famous form is the stick. These are usually made of bamboo, but other types of wood are also used. You can burn incense sticks on a plank or holder. A cerramic bowl with stones or a saucer with sand also works well.

Cones and cubes
Cones consist of the same materials as the sticks, but without the wood. Ideal if you want to produce less smoke. You can burn cones on a special burner or a simple saucer.

Cubes do not contain any combustion aid. They are therefore made of aromatic materials and binder. Therefore, an incense cube should not be burnt, but melted on a vaporizer.

Resin or granules
Resin is a natural product often used in churches and temples. It is particularly well suited in large spaces, due to its intense, strong smell and the amount of smoke. Common aromas are myrrh, olibanum, amber, benzoin and storax. Grain incense or resin is traditionally burned on a wood coal tablet. However, it can also be gently burned on an electric heater. Then it is also possible in small spaces.

Loose herbs
These are the herbs and plant parts that give the scent to incense. Loose incense is thus without binder or combustion stick. Therefore, burn these herbs on Abalone Shells or on sieve burners. These cause a slower combustion than the charcoal burners. You can compose the individual herbs yourself, but they are also available in different mixtures.

Ordering incense at Spiru
Spiru has something for every nose. We sell well-known brands such as HEM, Morning Star and Yoga. You can also find traditional Asian incenses with us, such as Tibetan and Japanese. Or special Ayurvedic mixes and Chakra fragrances.

If you prefer to mix your own scent, you can indulge yourself here. Besides Palo Santo and white sage we have a wide range of exotic herbs and spices.

You can find here everything for your relaxation, meditation, space purifying, yoga sessions, or special rituals and ceremonies. Let us inspire you!