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Buy Tibetan Prayer Flags Online

Tibetan prayer flags are supposed to convey strength, wisdom and compassion. The mantras and prayers are carried by the wind. This can help you to bring prosperity to family, friends and even enemies. The colorful square prayer flags (with iconographic images of the windhorse) originated in Tibetan Buddhism, but can also be found in Nepal.

Spiru has a large collection of prayer flags in all shapes and sizes. For example, we have prayer flag festoons of approx. 5 or 8 metres. There are small prayer flags and very large ones. In addition, we offer you Chakra prayer flags. All of them contain beautiful mantras.

How Do Prayer Flags Work?

The flags do not carry mantras to the gods. This is a common misconception. Rather, messages of compassion and wisdom are carried on the wind and are believed to spread goodwill and positive energy far and wide. By hanging these flags in high places, the wind horse blesses all living beings. This also cleanses the air. Most prayer flags are fabricated in Nepal or India by Tibetan Buddhists who have fled from their home country.

Loss of Colour

Old prayer flags slowly lose colour. This happens because the prayers are being absorbed by the environment. The symbols and mantras are sacred, which is why the prayer flags should not be placed on the ground. When all prayers have reached everyone, the old flags should be burned.