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Necklace OHM Mandala

Necklace OHM Mandala


Necklace OHM Mandala

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Chain with carbine lock and a round bulging pendant with the Ohm sign in a mandala. Ohm – Om – Aum is the first sound of creation, the breath that belongs to the word. It does not belong to any language and existed before the first words were formed. Constant repetition leads to deep meditation. Ohm stands for the three states of the people: wakefulness, dreams and deep sleep. The Ohm – mantra is the basis of many other mantras: Ohm mani padme hum, (I) honor the pearl in lotus (wisdom); Ohm Shanti : (I) wish you holy peace. As a talisman, the Aum/Ohm sign helps you to find peace and quiet in yourself. The sign will bring balance anywhere, wherever you hang it or put it down or lay it down. The back material may show irregularities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vc0UWGq0Afeature=youtu.be

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