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Oneness Feng-shui Chakra Crystals
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Oneness Feng-shui Chakra Crystals

Oneness Feng-shui Chakra Crystals
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The round crystal ball symbolizes the wholeness, the all-encompassing, unity. Crystal window decorations are ideally suited to improve the living conditions of the feng-shui. The colour shades are fascinating and lively. The sun increases this effect even more. 7 small octagon crystals symbolize 7 chakras. Product SpecificationsColours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Feng Shui In the Feng Shui all kinds of products are used to influence the energy flow and also to neutralize negative energy. These rainbow crystals are a good example of this. Feng Shui (pronounced as: fang shwie) is the more than 3,000 years old philosophy that teaches how the environment can influence happiness. Feng Shui learns which influences design and design have on the well-being and happiness of people, and also how negative influences can be turned into positive ones. Feng Shui is about the relationship between man and the living or working environment and is aimed at harmony between natural and created forms. Everything man makes is essentially not natural, but can be brought into harmony with nature. The goal of Feng Shui is to adapt our living or working environment in such a way that a harmonious flow of the Chi (life force) is stimulated. Chinese philosophy is all about harmony and balance between the complementary forces yin and yang, such as male and female.

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